Discover the authentic charm of Mykonos

Mykonos has undergone a fascinating transformation in the past few years; going from a traditional fishing island to the hottest destination of the Mediterranean, it managed to maintain its breezy and jaunty character and to upgrade it to a model of the good life! Admire this wondrous amalgamation of authentic charm and modern indulgence in some of Mykonos top-spots to visit!

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This is where the heart of Mykonos beats all throughout the year! From upscale cafés, restaurant and nightclubs to shopping venues from the most celebrated international brands popping up in charming whitewashed alleys, Chora is a town unlike anything you may have seen!

A tiny island just a few miles off the shore of Mykonos, Delos is brimming with history. This is the mythological birthplace of ancient Greek gods Apollo and Artemis, and the archaeological excavations have unearthed a prosperous sacred city filled with wonders! This is one of the most significant historical monuments in the country, and visiting Delos is a must for a deep look into Greece’s amazing past!

Ano Mera
A traditional Mykonian village that has remained unspoilt by modern times, Ano Mera offers a virtual journey back in time where one can see what authentic island living truly is all about! The neighbouring monastery if Panagia Tourliani is a popular stop for those visiting Ano Mera for its impressive architecture and charming beauty!

The most iconic location not only of Mykonos but also, of the entire Cyclades, the image of the hilltop traditional windmills greets you as soon as you enter Chora and takes your breath away! If you could ever walk into a postcard, that’s where it will happen!

Little Venice 
All of Mykonos’ unparalleled charm in one breath-taking little corner of the Aegean! A tiny cove just beneath the windmills of Chora, where the sea and the town unite in one spectacular spot! This is the most photographed location of Mykonos and admiring the sunset from Little Venice is the most unforgettable experience!


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