Fun beyond the parties

Looking for a refreshing respite from the vibrant party-life of Mykonos, or seeking to explore a different side to this glamourous island? Here are some intriguing activities with Mykonos flair to try during your holidays!

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Whether you love exploring unspoiled paradises, or you yearn for the open sea, sailing in Mykonos is an adventure beckoning you to beauty. Sail with us to hidden coastal beauties and admire a different side of this amazing island, immersed in the alluring blue of the Aegean Sea. Get on board for an experience made of dreams! 

Water Sports 
Can you think of anything more exhilarating than gliding on the crystalline waters of Elia Beach and feeling the rush of adrenaline pumping through your body? The sea and the sun promise endless moments of fun, the best way to enjoy Mykonos’ vibe to the max! Check out the Elia Mykonos Watersports thrilling rides and let the splash fun begin! 

Visit Delos 
A precious treasure of the Aegean, a historical monument of immense importance and a sightseeing destination unlike no other! Let us guide you to the amazing Delos Island, and walk through millennia of history through the myths and the history of Greece. Get on board a luxurious Elia Mykonos Watersports yacht for an unforgettable cruise to Delos. 

You’ve admired the beauty above; now explore the hidden beauty beneath the crystalline waters of Mykonos for an underwater adventure unlike no other! Follow us to an aquatic exploration of Mykonos’ seabed, brimming with marine life and revel in a wondrous world away from it all in a scuba-diving expedition for the curious at heart!


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In an island like Mykonos, there are thrills that you will live only here!