Explore the coasts of Mykonos and beyond

Delos & Rinies

A private cruise to Delos and Rinies Islands is a perfect day-trip to the area’s rich history in beauty, without the fuss of large touristic crowds. Reach one of the most significant archaeological sites all across the Cyclades in comfort and privacy, and admire the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Delos Island in all its monumental beauty. The neighbouring island of Rineia, with its gorgeous unspoilt beaches is the perfect respite after sightseeing, for a swim in its crystalline waters. 

Mykonos South Beaches (Psarou, Paragka, Paradise & Super Paradise, Kalo Livadi, Kalafatis, Lia)

Let us take you on a tour of the cosmopolitan south beaches of Mykonos, where the heart of fun and partying beats all summer long! From the exquisite Psarou and Paragka, to the renowned Paradise and Super Paradise beaches and to the enchanting Kalo Livadi, Kalafatis and Lia, live the ultimate beach-hopping experience on the comfort of a private yacht! Hop on and off the excitement of the south beaches and enjoy the fun side of Mykonos on-board!

Private Day Cruise
All our yachts are available for full-day charter, for you to explore the coastal beauties of Mykonos and the neighbouring islands at your own pace. Customize your itinerary and visit just the spots you wish, spending as much time as you’d like in each location; a day at sea with your family and friends is the perfect way to have fun and explore! Could you think of a better way to enjoy your Mykonos holidays?

Yacht rentals are available until 6 p.m. Please make sure to book your rental in advance to ensure availability. 

Prive Half day Cruise
Charter a yacht or speed boat for half a day (4-5 hours) for a cruise around the island or a fun trip to the beaches of your choice for water-sport and endless aquatic fun! A perfect choice for all your family or friends to enjoy undisturbed moments at sea immersed in the beauty of Mykonos and the Aegean!

Yacht rentals are available until 6 p.m. Please make sure to book your rental in advance to ensure availability. 

Sunset Cruise
Discover the most unique way to admire the breath-taking sunset; at sea, on board one of our luxurious yachts! Come sunset time, sail out to the glistening waters to enjoy the sun dipping beyond the horizon in the most spectacular scenery of the open sea, an experience with authentic Mykonian vibe that leaves no one untouched!

Private Sunset Cruise
The golden hour is perhaps the most breath-taking time of day; as the sun bids us farewell before sunset, the sky and the sea take on spectacular colours, and admiring the sunset in absolute privacy on board one of our luxurious yachts is an experience not to be missed!

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