Espuma Restaurant

Espuma Restaurant

Mykonian gastronomy is an authentic embodiment of creative Mediterranean cuisine, and where better to enjoy it than Espuma Restaurant of Arte & Mare Elia Suites? A highly acclaimed gastronomic destination, loved by both locals and visitors alike, Espuma Restaurant has been on the front-run of the local culinary scene, presenting innovative menus inspired by the tastes of the Mediterranean and the unique, always vibrant Mykonos cuisine.

Our talented chefs have taken in all the beauty and whimsical charm of Mykonos and incorporated it to their renditions of classic local dishes, using time-honoured traditional ingredients with contemporary techniques and fused their creativity with the latest gastronomic trends to create tantalizing dishes! Try them all in a breath-taking scenery, artfully designed to resemble a sailing deck, and explore the modern taste of Mykonos!

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Delightful bites to start a sunny day in Mykonos! 

Espuma Restaurant

Creative Mediterranean cuisine to enjoy all day long in Mykonos!

Beach Bar

Cocktails and bites by the beach of Elia. Enjoy!